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Legal Marijuana & its Effect on the Housing Market

Cities where marijuana has been legalized are seeing the effects in their housing markets.  Colorado, in particular, has seen home values increase by 58% since we opened our first dispensary in 2014. Check out the link below – https://nationalmortgageprofessional.com/news/70668/study-links-legalized-marijuana-strong-housing-markets?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Study+Links+Legalized+Marijuana+to+Strong+Housing+Markets+and+more+___&utm_campaign=20190413_m150989025_Study+Links+Legalized+Marijuana+to+Strong+Housing+Markets+and+more+___&utm_term=Study+Links+Legalized+Marijuana+to+Strong+Housing+Markets

The Sun Valley Neighborhood Revitilization

The Sun Valley neighborhood has been a forgotten neighborhood for years, but that is about to change.  Historically, the lowest income neighborhood in Denver with the highest unemployment rate, this area has been an island of difficulty in a sea of growth and revitalization.  Bordered by 6th Ave, and near Mile High Stadium, Sun Valley […]

2019 Real Estate Market: How Will it Affect You?

For the past 6 years, the Denver Metro real estate market has been a “seller’s market,” but is that about to change?  Well, current trends are showing that it has already started changing in CERTAIN SEGMENTS OF THE MARKET, but not all.  As is a predictable trend, the luxury market is the first to soften […]