2019 Real Estate Market: How Will it Affect You?

For the past 6 years, the Denver Metro real estate market has been a “seller’s market,” but is that about to change?  Well, current trends are showing that it has already started changing in CERTAIN SEGMENTS OF THE MARKET, but not all.  As is a predictable trend, the luxury market is the first to soften and show signs of becoming a “buyer’s market.”  Listings above $1m are seeing price cuts and longer days on market, and we are seeing similar trends in a slightly cooling suburban market.  What is holding steady as a seller’s market? Sub $1m listings in central Denver remain strong with very low days on market and asking or above asking sales prices.  Click the picture below to read a 5280 article about current trends.

Will changes trending in 2019 affect your buying or selling? Give us a shout to find out!

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